A Movement for Collective and Joyful Climate Action

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This is a non-profit movement, all revenues above covering the costs will be donated to climate change mitigation or adaptation projects.


Come and join us for a movement that will give you the knowledge and the confidence to embody the change we need in our world.

It's a community that will allow for tying strong bonds – because together it's easier and more fun.

And it's a party series that will move you in a way no party ever has.

Past events:

πŸ—“οΈ April 27th 2024, 14:00-21:30

πŸ“ Genezarethkirche, Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin



In this unique celebration we will play a serious game to understand climate change, strengthen communal bonds, plant seeds for future action – and give space for all emotions that will arise in a transformational dance.

The journey we will undertake together is meticulously crafted to provide a holistic and wholesome experience, offering you the space to learn, grow, connect, embody and enjoy.Β 

The day consists of three parts:


In groups of up to 7 people, we will experience the "Climate Fresk" workshop. This way, we'll be able to understand the complex topic of climate change based on scientific facts from the IPCC reports on a deeper level than just reading about it in the news. Already more than 1.5 million people have played it worldwide.Β 


In community, we will share dinner and have room to exchange about how climate change and other planetary boundaries affect us materially and emotionally and what actions we can take.

Our co-creating collective Plant-Based Berlin will provide us with a variety of delicious food options - made entirely from plants.


The final part will allow us to express our feelings and dance like there is no tomorrow. We will drop into our bodies guided by an embodiment expert enabling us to feel the mesmerizing music full of splendor by the experienced DJ Distelfink (Fusion Festival, Tarmac Festival, Phoenix Fire Convention etc.).


14:00-15:00 Welcome

15:00-18:00 The Climate Fresk group workshop

18:00-19:00 Community dinner

19:00-21:30 Guided Embodiment and Transformational Dance


The Climate Fresk

What is the Climate Fresk workshop (German: Das Klimapuzzle)? And why do we play it at Celebrate the Planet?

Climate change is complex, so some genius minds have developed a game that breaks the whole topic down into 42 cards. Based on the IPCC* reports, these cards depict the causes and effects of human-induced climate change and make easier digestible.

Why is it a serious game? Well, first of all, you play it with others as a team. Together, you'll place the cards in a sensible order like a jigsaw puzzle. You'll identify the causes of species extinction, the ongoing melting of glaciers – to name a few effects – and the impact this has on our global ecosystem. Our facilitators have done this a plethora of times already and we are firmly convinced that in order to change something, we need to understand the interdependencies of climate change.

You can participate in English or German. In the ticket form, you can also tell us if you prefer another language, and we'll try to facilitate a Climate Fresk in your language (subject to sufficient participants with your language preference).

You can find out more about the Climate Fresk at climatefresk.org.

*IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a UN body, that collects all the scientific findings and puts them together for the purpose of informing policy makers and the broad public.

The team

The Plantbased Berlin collective

Guillaume, Climate Fresk coordinator

Maximilian, Founder

... and many many more

Our mission

Let's say it as it is: we are deeply concerned about the planet and the state it is in. We humans have disastrous effects on our own living environment which we depend upon. Scientists have warned for decades. The global south has felt the effects of climate change already for many years. However, in the meantime it has also reached Western Europe and we can feel it with our own senses. Droughts, heatwaves, extreme storms, floods, etc. are a regular thing year by year.

We are shocked.

We are confused.

We are angry at those who are responsible and those who block solutions to the problem.

We are worried about our own and our children's future.


But do these emotions do us any good?

They let us retreat to our cozy homes sealing off from the scary world. Or they let us deny and hope that scientists were wrong all along. Devil may care. Or live a hedonistic life without much care about our environment. After me, the flood.

There must be another way! The vast majority of people in Germany are pro climate protection. And yet, we as a society are not doing nearly enough.

It is time to get out of the shock paralysis and into the doing!Β Β 

This is why we Celebrate the Planet.

1 - In order to be able to do something, we first need to understand the problem. This is what the Climate Fresk is for.

2 - We need to transform heavy emotions into positivity and action. We'll do that through community and dance.

3 - We need to come into a positive, caring relationship with our living environment. That's why we celebrate the beauty of our planet.

Remember these words, that Barack Obama helped spread:

β€œWe are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.”

Our planet 🌍 is in danger.

We have to raise awareness. πŸ’¬

Be Dance πŸͺ© the change you want to see in the world!



Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin

Startbahn creates and maintains an open space inside the beautifully decorated church Genezareth. It's the perfect location for our celebration. We will forever be grateful for being hosted there.

Please visit startbahn.berlin for more information about their other offerings.

The organizers

OASIS – Open Space for Awareness, Serenity, Intimacy and Self-Growth

Experienced in holding spaces for transformative processes, we host workshops, seminars, parties and other events.


The Climate Fresk Community Berlin

The Climate Fresk is a global movement that is educating people of all backgrounds on the scientific facts of man-made climate change.


Plant-Based Berlin

Plant-Based is a volunteer collective that organizes participatory events on a climate-friendly lifestyle like info brunches, Open Kitchen, BRave and cooking courses focusing on sustainable nutrition.


Our supporters

We are immensely grateful for the support from our main sponsor:

GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG

Big thanks to our other sponsors:

Bio Company SE


Useful information


I have already participated in a Climate Fresk (Das Klimapuzzle) puzzle game, can I still come? Or can I come later after the game?

Yes, if you have already participated in a Climate Fresk, you are still very welcome. There are several options for participation:

First of all, you can become a facilitator and facilitate the Climate Fresk at Celebrate the Planet! If you like this idea, please get in touch with klimapuzzleberlin@gmail.com.

Secondly, you can come as a helper and support the event in the build-up and/or the break-down. There will be a few helper tickets available.

Another great option: This day-long experienced is more than just the Climate Fresk. See it as a chance to play the Climate Fresk a second time to solidify your knowledge and/or to have a fun group experience. The second part of the puzzle game is the solution phase, which can always bear new fruits.

Last but not least: If you have played the Climate Fresk recently or if you are already a Climate "expert" and want to find a space where you can connect and/or get inspired you can also get an Evening Ticket from 6pm. :)

Will the food be vegetarian/vegan?

Yes, animal-based products are a huge source of GHG (greenhouse gases), contributing greatly to the man-made climate change. So, we will have a super delicious vegan dinner buffet.Β 

Do I HAVE to take part in the embodiment / the dinner / the dance?

No, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Everything we offer is an invitation. Please listen to your own needs. If you notice that something isn't right for you, you are welcome to step aside and follow your needs in that moment.

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